sukoon sleep.

dreaming up a new brand

Sukoon Sleep and Creative’s journey started when we were tasked to create a catchy name for this new company.

Reflecting the outcome of their products – ‘Sukoon’ (an Urdu name meaning ‘peace’) resonating with a peaceful night’s sleep seemed to be the obvious fit.

Working with the team at Sukoon, we conducted in-depth research and strategy, establishing a personas, audiences, beliefs, values and more. Once this foundation was in place, the creative and visual elements of the brand were then pieced together including logos, packaging, digital communications and an e-commerce website.

brand design | marketing | cgi | e-commerce


From our initial discussions we knew Creative were a good fit, especially with their experience in the bed industry. This was a complex project involving multiple elements, Creative were an integral part of this process, working alongside our teams.

Director – Sukoon Sleep