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social media is the newest member of your sales team

It’s no secret in business that there has been a major decline in face-to-face meetings and over the phone conversations in the past few years. People don’t like picking up calls from numbers they don’t recognise and are even more protective of their time than ever before. Buying behaviours have also changed with technology advancements and generational preferences. The way we communicate has been radically altered. Despite these preference shifts, many businesses are left wondering how social media can play a beneficial role in the sales process.

key ways that social media benefits your business…

  • Social channels are a way to start the conversation with prospective & current clients and stay top of mind for when they need your services later.

  • Maintaining a social media presence provides a platform to share your story, testimonials, and advice. This helps you to develop trust and rapport with your audience by humanising your brand.

  • Growing your social media audience is essentially a megaphone in the digital space. As your audience grows the credibility of your brand grows. Not only that but trust in your brand grows, too.

check out this example of our social media client.

objective: Increase the brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram. 

results: To increase the brand awareness, we used a strategy that focused on two components: creating exciting content that showed off the business and then promoting those posts using our in-house experts to ensure the posts reach thousands of potential customers.

social media
social media

In the world of catering and with multiple sites, it is imperative we communicate with our audiences on a day to day basis with a consistent tone of voice. BreAnne and her team are great planners and innovators, always looking for opportunities to keep our customers engaged with fresh and new content on our social media platforms.

Keeley Beaumont – The Fence Gate, Director.

managing your social media requires a focused content strategy, unwavering consistency and loads of creativity.

What social networks do we manage?