in-house vs

Unlike hiring someone in-house, using a marketing agency to manage your creative marketing & innovation efforts comes with more flexibility and expertise. Consider the following:

in the know

A marketing agency knows what works and what doesn’t with other brands like yours. You won’t be anyone’s guinea pig or the victim of any new, experimental marketing techniques. Marketing agencies bring years of knowledge and talent with them.

Some of your tactics may be outdated if you’re an older company. A professional agency knows this and can help with marketing & innovation efforts by bringing in a new angle.

Outsourcing your marketing team can increase your ROI in multiple ways. Chief among them: A marketing team almost always gets you more focused, flexible, creative, and innovative using their pool of expertise, as their chief responsibility is to deliver results.

as and when

You won’t have to hire, train, supervise, or offer benefits to new staff. Instead, you can hire a marketing agency on a flexible, per-project basis or hire them for more extended contract periods that fit your needs. Doing so reduces expenses while increasing your overall ROI.

no ifs or buts

If you have an in-house creative team, you may be worried that you aren’t providing them with enough work and start generating projects to keep them busy. Doing so means that you are wasting time, talent, and money. This will never be a concern with an external marketing team.

Is creativity & innovation important to you? It should be. Marketing agencies specialise in being on the cutting edge of technology, employing the best in the business.

For instance a digital managers job is to track everything happening in the digital marketing world. As such, they are capable of tracking tools and technology, ensuring they monitor new digital marketing techniques.

and finally

Remember that a marketing agency will have a creative team that explicitly understands your business niche. They’ll be experienced with the copywriting/content, graphics, digital and techniques that work for your specific line of work. You can get talent customised to your particular area and industry.