CGI or Photography?

When Penthouse Carpets approached us with the challenge of creating a room set image for each of their premium carpet ranges to be used for a series of full page adverts in an esteemed interiors magazine, we were thrilled. But what’s the catch?

With each carpet range presenting a diverse tone and colour palette, we knew each room set would be very different in terms of house style, market place and target customer. It quickly became apparent that actually photographing the product in place wasn’t going to be possible.

CGI (computer-generated imagery) was the answer. Using CGI we were able to construct every detail of the client’s dream interiors scene digitally as a photorealistic image. This not only saved a significant amount of time, but was budget friendly too!

We started the process with a detailed mood board based on feedback directly from the Penthouse team and a sample of the carpet range for reference. Including every detail down to the accessories and wall colours at this stage really built an idea of atmosphere and who the ‘home owner’ might be.

Armed with these mood boards, each CGI room set was crafted meticulously to highlight the texture and quality of the product while retaining a similar point of view and angle for each one for consistency. Our team could then add a memorable headline and range specific copy for each advert ready to go to publication!

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