Happy Anniversary HDL!

Celebrating 20 years of trading is a big deal. HDL recently marked the occasion with a series of marketing materials proudly showcasing a logo we designed especially for the event.

The sleek logo needed to sit alongside the existing HDL brand elements and mirror the companies use of bold block text and circular imagery. The Creative team came up with the below; using the number 20, a short strapline to clarify the significance and the trading dates.

HDL briefed us to then apply this logo to their trade brochure, vehicle livery and a series of promotional items to be given as gifts to staff at a party to mark the achievement. The event tied in nicely with a new product launch of a gold sink set, supplying the inspiration to go gold throughout! We knew the importance of the event needed to be reflected in these elements so the precious metal, associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity worked perfectly.

The party was a huge success and we look forward to supporting HDL for another successful 20 years!

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