what are SSL certificates?

When designing and planning for a new website, it can be easy to focus on your deadline, budget or making your first sale. However, it’s just as important to make sure any data processed through a new website is protected. Having an SSL certificate for any website does just that, allowing you and your customer to feel confident navigating the site. Without an SSL, any information you send to and from a website is unprotected and could be seen by third parties. A more secure website leads to increased sales and increased confidence in you and your business. Win win!

What can an SSL Certificate do for you?

SSLs protect your data by encrypting it. Only the intended recipient can decrypt the jumbled numbers and letters to see it in its legible form. This stops any third parties intercepting the data as it is sent from the client to the web-site and back again. While in most cases no one will be watching your traffic, it only takes one internet service provider, hacker or identify thieve to damage your company and its reputation.

Authentication and Integrity
An SSL can provide proof that a website is owned by the genuine company claiming it as theirs and prevents any external sources from making any changes to the published data. For example, when a large company like PayPal has this certificate, you’re assured it is PayPal and only PayPal seeing the data you send.

Promotes Trust
A clear indication to any potential customer that your site can be trusted is a green padlock or a ‘HTTPS’ URL, both can be issued with an SSL and instantly act as a visual prompt that your site is secure. Google estimate that up to 84% of users would abandon a purchase if data was sent over an insecure connection. With Google Chrome now displaying an ‘insecure connection’ message on all sites without an SSL, not having this protection could have a huge effect on your sales.

Even if you do not have an online shop it is still recommended to have an SSL certificate if you have any form of user data input, for example a contact form.

As a secure website issued with an SSL, you are more likely to experience higher organic search results through Google compared to your less secure competitors. A secure website also has faster load speeds over HTTPS which leads to higher page rankings on search engines. Google have repeatedly stated on a like for like basis, of two identical sites, one secured and one not secured, the secured one will rank higher.

With all the technical stuff out of the way, you’ll be happy to know with every new website we host, we include installation of an SSL certificate as standard. We make it our responsibility to make you aware of any regulation changes ensuring your website is fully compliant and fully secure so you can focus on boosting your sales.

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