Is your tank topped up? Animation at Light Speed.

Demonstrate the benefits of your product in less than a minute and a half, while convincing your customer it fulfils their requirement. That is the challenge we had at hand for Craggs Energy.

Freshly off the back of a restructure, their sub brand TankTopper were introducing a new mobile tracking system to the marketplace, Clarity. We worked closely with the lead team at Craggs over the course of a few very close meetings to produce concepts, storyboards and a script for a video to be turned around in just over a week. Our marketing team worked furiously to determine a quick solution for the problem, generating characters, and concepts to be used across to collateral while staying on brand.

Animation is a great way to get your point across at a smaller cost, and can sometimes can be beneficial in a smaller time scale, if you are up against a deadline. Our marketing and design teams are in place to help you no matter how much or how little you have fleshed out your idea. If you have a concept and nothing more? not a problem our team will scope out your projects producing ideas, themes and storyboards. Already have a solid idea? Brilliant let our team put their eyes on it and bring your concept to life.


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