Drones! We’ve been using aerial footage, helping our customers to stay ahead of the competition.

Drones are all the rage, we know the big brand players like amazon are exploring futuristic options like same day delivery via the sky… we’re proposing something a bit more straight forward. Aerial photography, in the past aerial photography would require that a photographer is flown via helicopter to take shots, which are also extremely limited to larger flying zones.

With the rapid increase in drone technology, our design departments eyes have lit up with fresh new ideas to get immersive outdoor shots, really bringing a new wow factor to websites and video production. 

You may have noticed we have utilised this idea ourselves here on this website, producing our own drone ‘showreel’ showing off our beautiful scenery and our office nestled in the pennines. But the scope doesn’t end there… We have customers who have used drones to showcase a new warehouse layout with internal photography taking place, we’ve used drone photography to capture team photos from new angles and ensuring everyone is squeezed into frame, we’ve even used drones to really capture the atmosphere at an outdoor event to compile a ‘what you missed’ video. Further to this they can also be used to easily and quickly take more traditional aerial photographs, showing premises and manufacturing facilities, for use on websites, promotional videos and print materials. 

Do you think this might be something you are missing? We’ll be happy to offer our expertise and advise what we think would best fit your business and requirement, ensuring anything we do complete stays on brand and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

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